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Reliable Furnace Repair & Service in Cornwall, ON & Surrounding Areas

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Walker ClimateCare is your heating repair company of choice and can get your furnace working and keep your family out of the cold through our furnace maintenance and repair options.

If it’s an emergency, the furnace isn’t turning on and the nighttime temperature is steadily dropping below -5, -10 and colder, call us and we guarantee a response within an hour.

Does your Furnace Need to be Repaired or Serviced?

  • If it’s cold in your home even though the furnace is set to a toasty warm level, your furnace probably needs repairs.
  • If you hear a strange sound coming from the furnace, be it a rattle, a squeal or an out-of-place hum, your furnace probably needs repairs.
  • If the temperature in your bedroom is sharply different from the temperature in your children’s bedrooms, your furnace probably needs repairs.
  • If the furnace turns on and off repeatedly without reaching the desired temperature in the home, your furnace probably needs repairs.

A well-maintained furnace can last up to a quarter of a century, but while regular maintenance is the best way to prolong the life of any home appliance, is with routine furnace service.

Why Choose Walker as your Heating Repair Company?
Cornwall, Chesterville, Ingleside, Lancaster, Morrisburg, Williamstown and the surrounding area.

  1. We are local business owners, so when you book with ClimateCare, you’re getting a local expert familiar with the subtleties of heating and cooling issues in our local climate.
  2. Straightforward pricing, because cost is almost always the first thing our customers want to know.
  3. Walker must adhere to the strict, industry-leading quality standards outlined by the ClimateCare cooperative. This means you’re getting the most up-to-date technical knowledge and superb customer service practices.

Contact us today for furnace repairs and see why we’re the most trusted name in residential HVAC service in Ontario.

Request a service call from Walker ClimateCare’s service specialists. Emergency service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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