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ClimateCare Products

climatecare-productsClimateCare offers a wide range high-quality, energy efficient HVAC products. You can choose from a selection of furnaces, air conditioners and heat pumps constructed to conserve energy and save you money.

All of our home comfort equipment comes with a 10 year parts warranty*. Our products are ENERGY STAR® qualified, so you could reduce your energy use by up to 40%**.

Trust our ClimateCare experts to provide the highest quality products to keep your home comfortable all year long.
*when registered online within 90 days of purchase.
**compared with furnaces that are 20 years or older.

TP9C Premium Modulating Gas Furnaces
TM9X Deluxe Single Stage X 13 Furnaces
TM9V Deluxe Two Stage Variable Speed Furnaces
TG9S Single Stage Furnace

Air Conditioners
AL6B Premium Single Stage AC
AL8B Premium 18 SEER AC
RAC13 – Quality 13.0+ SEER AC
RAC14 – Quality 14.5+ SEER AC
TCHD Deluxe Ultra-Quiet AC

Heat Pumps
HL6B Premium 15+ SEER Heat Pumps
HL8B Premium 18 SEER Heat Pumps
THJD Deluxe 13+ SEER Heat Pumps
THJF Deluxe 14.5+ SEER Heat Pumps

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